Rihanna provokes surprise at Coachella

Entertainment 18 April, 2017

One can always count on it to push the limits of fashion! Rihanna surprises her fans with a very special outfit at Coachella …

If it is hard to determine which of Rihanna or Beyonce is the queen of pop , mode level on the other hand it is impossible to deny it: RiRi wins hands down! For a few years the star multiplies the improbable outfits with always the same sense of style and the provoc, and today it still struck strong. The young woman is of course Coachella, and she obviously has no desire to go unnoticed! Whether on stage or in the audience, stars compete with each other in imagination and style to attract attention. But hard to do better than the interpreter of Diamonds , who took inspiration from his song and decided to turn into a giant diamond. Rihanna posed in an ultra spangled suit on which she wore a simple tank top and shorts. The beautiful commented with humor: “I can not already go home because there are not enough people who have seen my outfit” . On another photo, we can see that the outfit also includes a hood that completely covers his face.
Rihanna is really the queen when it comes to capturing attention, even if it becomes the human equivalent of a faceted ball. And it’s not the first time that the beautiful creates the stir among her fans with her unmatched sense of style. For proof we still remember the dress completely transparent and adorned with crystals that it had sported in 2014, which did not conceal anything of its plastic dream. But if RiRi was there to impress the gallery, she also had another reason to attend the festival . Indeed Drake gave a concert, and one suspects that Rihanna did not miss the event. Despite their repeated breaks, the former couple continues to fascinate the public, and one is even entitled to wonder whether for Drake, Rihanna would not be the woman of her life . One thing is for sure, the rapper appreciates the grain of madness of RiRi … What do you think of Rihanna?