Rihanna snubbed at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, a conspiracy against her?

Entertainment 22 May, 2017

Despite her 14 nominations, Rihanna won no awards at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.
Would there be favoritism in the record industry? Unless you’ve been cut off from the world the last 15 hours, you already know that tonight the Billboard Music Awards were held in Las Vegas. Rewarding each year the artists for their work, the ceremony saw for its edition 2017 the coronation of Drake who came out great winner of the prizes (13 prizes) . To a lesser degree, Beyonce won five trophies during the evening! And Rihanna, are we talking about it or else? The interpreter of “Kiss It Better” (not at the musical party) was nominated 14 times in the different categories of BBMAs and yet, despite this impressive number of nominations, she won none of these awards !
Already at the Grammy Awards earlier in the year, Rihanna had nothing to win against Beyoncé and some other size opponents. Yet, very objectively, his album ANTI is one of the best records of his career ! We begin to doubt the choices of the public and industry professionals … And if the superstar was blacklisted by all the ceremonies? Between the Top Artist (won by Drake), the Top Female Artist (won by Beyoncé) or the Top Hot 100 Artist (still Drake), we do not understand why Rihanna did not win in any category that night at the BBMAs . Mouth, yeah! Out of fourteen appointments, it’s still crazy … Is it perhaps because the organizers knew that she didn ‘ Would not attend the show? You never really know what goes on behind the scenes … It’s a shame, just like the absence of Selena Gomez who disappointed her fans at the Billboard Music Awards . In any case, we love you RiRi! And your opinion?