Rihanna wants to forget Chris Brown with Hassan Jaamel?

Entertainment 3 July, 2017

Has Rihanna finally found love again? Seen in charming company last week, one wonders if the singer did not forget Chris Brown with Hassan Jaamel …

If there is one thing that was not expected, it is this one! Yeah, while she flew to Spain to enjoy some of her free time, Rihanna was seen kissing a guy in a pool. Since Chris Brown and Drake, the international singer has not been seen in the company of a new man. One thing is certain, Riri spent a rather naughty time with this mysterious unknown … who is not! Yes, this charming boy is none other than Hassan Jaamel, the inheritance of a great global car company. But then, is it really serious between them?

Not long ago, a source close to Rihanna had given some details about his new guy. It was then learned that the interpreter of “Diamonds” and Hassam Jaamel had seen each other for several months. Moreover, their relationship began to become serious, until the diffusion of these cliches. Today, the HollywoodLife site reveals even more information about the new unexpected couple. The indiscreet told the site that Rihanna “wanted to relearn to trust the men and forget Chris Brown and others for good”. Obviously, we must take this information with tweezers since the star always remains very discreet about his privacy. And if Rihanna and her new guy did not leave each other last week, they are now absent subscribers