Rings: Johnny Galecki (TBBT) falls into the trap of Samara in a new extract

Cinema 1 February, 2017

Samara will be back tomorrow in the dark rooms and to prepare you, we propose an excerpt of Rings excluded.
Seven days … that fans of the series The Big Bang Theory prepare psychologically, Leonard will not come back immediately in the series. We would have expected better from a scientist, but we are all human and subject to errors. Samara is back in theaters showing Rings of tomorrow and has already found one of his victims. As you can see in the novel from the film as we reveal exclusively on melty, Gabriel ( Johnny Galecki ) will find a tape on which is inscribed the phrase “Look at me” and unfortunately for him, he will do it !
Then a film strange strange, then the famous and so dreaded phone call that tells him that he has only 7 days to live. Unless, of course, he succeeds in making the video look at someone else and in this case, he is saved! With social networks it should not be too difficult so we cross fingers to survive, but we will avoid attending it for a few days. While waiting to see the film in theaters tomorrow, it offers a small focus on the Rings actors who made their debut in the TV series ! Would you have looked at the tape?