Rings: Samara leaves the screen in a new excerpt with Aimee Teegarden

Cinema 4 February, 2017

Things turn out bad for Aimee Teegarden in a new excerpt from the movie Rings, now in the movies.
Aimee, we would not want to spoil your evening, but things really look bad for you! The Rings film is currently in cinemas and Samara waiting in dark rooms for you to freak. The cast we find a lot of familiar faces, including that of the talented Aimee Teegarden we know especially for his roles in the TV series Friday Night Lights and Star-Crossed . In a new excerpt that we are revealing today, the young woman is in trouble. Yes, if you have seen the movies of the franchise The Circle , you know very little stop Samara.
If you have seen the famous cassette, Samara will not be asked to come and pick you up and it is not a small power cut that will stop it and prevent it from leaving your TV to disfigure you better. So we do not know what Sky was hoping for and why it did not flee at the speed of The Flash, but we doubt that this story ends well for her. If you do not want to annoy Rings in Samara, you are given a list of things not to do and if you have not afraid of anything, go to the movies!