Rings: What we refuse to do since we saw Le Cercle

Cinema 20 January, 2017

Samara will be back in the dark rooms on February 1st to revive one of the sagas that most traumatized us.
She is back and after the Rings trailer , she is still as angry with the people who dropped her into a well and left her dying of cold, hunger and terror for seven days ( Good ok, it was not cool, but in truth we Samara, it is for nothing). When we discovered the films of the franchise Le Cercle version US, we admit that we freaked out and were not frankly reassured in the dark, on the couch, with all the little chelous noises we hear Often without knowing where they came from. So, we changed our way of doing things a little to avoid annoying Samara and especially, to stay alive!
In fact finally what makes us most freak in this story is that Samara returns to the time of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or even Twitter so much to tell you that the video can circulate, circulate, circulate … One Real nightmare!