RIP-Download Zone, all these things will be missed

Cinema 29 November, 2016

The closing-Zone Download plunged part of users in deep distress, those who already regret all those lil things that made the charm of the illegal platform …

dawson-pleurerSince I’m not very excited about a prison stay, it is important to remember that illegal downloading – as the name suggests – is a crime, and it’s not very nice-nice for rights holders who deserve compensation for their work. Based on this premise, the closure of Zone-download Monday night by the police is in a certain sense. Rest it leaves a lot of online orphans of their foster mother, the one who fed him for so years, without ever demanding anything in return . Of course there are fallbacks – attractive when it lingers on – as Netflix , OCS or CanalPlay , but could not bring himself to say goodbye to ZT without remembering all those moments experienced on the platform, now hated.
– The offer was so crazy that you’d nabbed a TOC which was to download and anything
– So when did you scroll through your films y’en half of which most remembered what it was about you
– You still got that aunt or friend that “no one in the Internet” who asked you to approvisioner
– When you see the penalties incurred by the creators of the site, you tell yourself that your series stock could send you to the same cell as that of Salah Abdeslam
– You’re gonna call your kids “Uplea” and “” , too bad for them
– Are really are people who use Rapidgator?
– Despite the attractive prices of these hosts, you were the rat through using premium link
– Passing FNAC front cabinets series at 70eu, you could not stop you smile
– The section “idea of movies to see” was definitely the best idea of the site
– During the 5min download a Blu-Ray 1080p HDLight, you often had a thought for the time he had you a whole day to download a 650MB movie on Emule
– Who often proved to be a movie besides Russian balls
– The Torrent is not for you, too complicated
– With ZT, the risk of falling on a French version Québecoise was almost nil
– Moreover, under each link in VFQ, you always had this com ‘the guy who believed in the hotel: “But you move, when to Truefrench?”
– Given the reactivity of “sharers” , you are always asked you if that was really their TAF and how much it was paying
– In a few years ZIW brought you more happiness than your whole family reunited
– Have you ever bled eyes at some subtitles
– And then you ended up show you understanding, as when your Darone fair flat: “Well, it was not so bad … And it’s the thought that counts, right?”
– One click was enough to trigger a seizure in your PC, among them “cougars near your area” , the midway games between GoT and Jacquie and Michael, “the surefire way to get rich” …
– And yet, your Adblock was activated …
– The real popularity ranking of an album it was on ZT, not on the iTunes Top
– You’d be willing to vote for the candidate who promises a return of ZT (even if it’s Nicolas Dupont-Aignan)
Nicolas Dupont Aignan
– For the first time in 5 years, threw you a look at the TV program tonight: “France has an incredible talent” , “Lucky Luke” , “Sahara” … Ok, bring me a rope
– You ever wonder if the artists themselves were aware of the site and they used it
– And thou hast especially asked what was the police … Ah bah shit, they are there