Riverdale: A Cooper responsible for the death of SPOILER? The WTF!

Cinema 13 May, 2017

A character is possibly dead in Riverdale’s Season Finale! What if it was a Cooper who was guilty? This is the WTF theory of the week!
We are still in the shock of Riverdale ‘s Season Finale! In episode 13, a new murder took place . After the deaths of Jason and Clifford or the attempt of suicide of Cheryl, the series did not spare us. Indeed, in the final seconds of the Season Finale, one of the most beloved characters of the show took a bullet in the abdomen. The Pop’s was pointed by a masked individual while Archie had just found his father there. If at first we were very afraid for the teenager, it was poor Fred who was shot. Is he dead ? Mystery! One thing is for sure, fans of Riverdale are already beginning to wonder about the culprit. If Hiram Lodge could have avenged himself of Fred, some aficionados think it would be too easy. It could actually be a member of the Cooper family who was behind this murder . Did any of Betty’s relatives shoot Fred in Riverdale ? This is the WTF theory of the week!
Obviously, it’s probably not Alice or Polly who shot poor Fred in Riverdale . But fans think it could be Hal Cooper. No, not Betty’s father but her brother! Indeed, the pretty blonde has learned that her mother had to give up her first child by having him adopted. What if this child was back and turned out to be a criminal? Some fans think of Betty’s brother because the thief had the same build as Hal Cooper and especially the same look as well, he is probably his son. The hidden child of Alice and Hal returned to the city to take revenge for the family that left him. Is Fred just a collateral damage? If this theory is interesting, it is only half believed that the fact that Fred was shot is probably not a coincidence. Are there really coincidences in Riverdale ? We doubt it! Before you know more about Season 2 of the series, learn how poor KJ Apa was injured during the filming of Riverdale. And who do you think fired Fred in season 2 of Riverdale?