Riverdale: Episode 1 tonight, murder, secrets and mysteries in the new CW addictive series!

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Tonight, Riverdale’s episode 1 will finally be released in the United States! The opportunity to come back on this new teen show that seems full of promises.
After Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, Greg Berlanti – the producer of the four shows – tackles another world: the teen show! Commissioned in May, Riverdale is to already looks like one of the series not to be missed in 2017 and it was time that his driver is available. And good news for the French: the series will be available in US + 24 on Netflix ! What to delight the seriesphiles who waited impatiently for its launch. But in fact, it’s about what? We will dive in the small town of Riverdale, who is recovering from the tragic death of the young Jason Blossom . There, we will meet Archie Andrews whose return will be synonymous with new start: he has indeed decided to break into music, despite the end of his hidden relationship with his music teacher …
Obviously, Archie will have a complicated love life, especially since the beautiful kid is coveted not by one but two young ladies. The first one is called Betty and she is secretly in love with our hero. It will also be learned that her mother does not hesitate to drug her and her life will be shattered by the arrival of a new student, Veronica Lodge who lands after being at the heart of a scandal in the past. Sex, beautiful and young, mysteries, secrets, murder : this is what awaits you tonight in episode 1 of Riverdale, whose official synopsis is available on melty! Are you going to check out this first episode?