Riverdale, Santa Clarita Diet, Shadowhunters, The Tudors … February’s Netflix entries and releases!

Cinema 3 February, 2017

Still a lot of binge watcher series in February! From Riverdale to the Tudors, check out the Netflix entries and releases of the month.
In February, the VOD giant still has lots of beautiful things to offer us ! In January, Netflix has started the year well in regaling us with the Baudelaire orphans or Riverdale . And it continues unabated in February with original designs, such as novelty totally crazy, Santa Clarita , or US + 24 that pleasure, as Riverdale and Shadowhunters . Of course, there are also catalog releases this month! But do not worry, they are rarely definitive … So what is mate in February on Netflix ? Follow the guide, you have prepared a small program that will tape you on your screen! Bye Bye social life!