Riverdale Season 2: The first details on the sequel!

Cinema 15 May, 2017

While the first season of Riverdale ended on a terrific cliffhanger, discover the first details of the continuation of the show!
Full of spoilers! And yes the meltynauts, the end of the first season of Riverdale has particularly disrupted us so much we are worried about the character of Luke Perry. Wounded to death in a terrible robbery, Fred could well die in his son’s arms. And the least we can say is that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa refuses to entrust whether or not the character of Fred will survive . While Melty’s editorial team offered you to discover our criticism of Riverdale ‘s season 1 season finale in which a new murder was committed, let’s go back in detail to the showrunner’s confidences on the show’s continuation in an interview with The TVLine site . First of all, “We have often said that Archie was the hero of our series and that Riverdale was mostly based on his passage from adolescent to adult. The kind of person he wants to be When he becomes an adult, this will lead him on a difficult road that will eventually turn him into a hero, but you will see him at first in a very dark phase, far from his usual dilemmas: Music or Football? Or Veronica? His fears will become reality. ” But was the turning really hazardous?
On the other hand, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confided in the hatred that would soon take place between Archie and Hiram, Veronica’s father: “One of the reasons Archie and Veronica got together, Archie and Hiram hate each other and we will honor this tradition but change this conflict a little, and Mark Consuelos is so much more charming than the Hiram of Hiram. For a moment, we will not know anything about his intentions or whether he is really determined to change, but we’ll soon know what he thinks of Archie. ” But that’s not all since Riverdale’s showrunner also teased Cheryl’s future : ” Cheryl will always be the character we know and love. But at the same time, she has nothing to lose henceforth because she has freed herself from her chains. During the majority of Season 1, Cheryl was tortured by her parents. After the final, there will be a real exchange of power between Penelope and her. They will find themselves in a constant struggle. They are both formidable and unbalanced. ” Finally, the producer of the show used two very disturbing words to describe the next chapter: ” I can describe season 2 in two words: civil war. ” While waiting for more information, Find out if you followed Riverdale’s first season on melty. What do you think of these confidences?