Riverdale Season 2: When Will It Be Broadcast?

Cinema 13 May, 2017

While the Season Finale of the first season of Riverdale has just been released, when will we return to season 2 of the series?
Archie, Betty, Jughead and their friends take a few months of vacation! In fact, the Season Finale of Riverdale aired Thursday night on The CW. While the episode ended on a possible new death, many questions remain unresolved and many secrets are only to be discovered. But will we have to wait a long time before finding the people of Riverdale? The show’s first season featured 13 episodes and started in January. Riverdale is a mid-season show and should logically return in January 2018 for 13 new episodes. However, Riverdale has had a great success so Archie and his friends could finally come back a little sooner than expected!
The Riverdale series has conquered the fans and has been renewed for a second season. According to SpoilerTV, the production of the new episodes of the show should begin from June 22nd and would only end in April 2018. This seems Then prove that Riverdale will be back in the fall for a full season 2, featuring 22 or 23 episodes. That’s pretty good news, is not it? Generally, the series of the CW come back from the first week of October thus, it will be necessary to wait a little more than 4 months. If obviously it’s a bit long, it’s better than an 8 month wait! We are anxious to know what the inhabitants of the small town reserve for us. While waiting to learn more about the new adventures of Archie and his friends, Find out why Riverdale fans were angry with KJ Apa, the hero’s interpreter of the series. And you, are you eager to find Riverdale’s season 2?