Riverdale: Season 2 will be much longer, good or bad?

Cinema 12 July, 2017

While Riverdale’s season two will be much longer, is it a good or a bad idea?

An extended season! Yes, the meltynauts, if the first season of Riverdale consisted of only thirteen episodes, the second part has already obtained 22 episodes on the CW. An extension that should please the fans but which poses a crucial question: is this really a good idea? While Melty’s editor wondered if Betty and Jughead would soon be split in Season 2 of Riverdale, it is difficult to know if the producers will manage to stay at the first chapter level with nine more episodes. Indeed, the rhythm was terribly intense, plunging us into the investigation that would determine the identity of Jason’s murderer. But now that the main investigation of the show has been unveiled, will they find how to keep captivating us?

If the actors are very good, it is not incoherent to question. The series should not end like Pretty Little Liars by offering mysteries more and more wacky and a list of culprits to endless. Especially since this second season should focus on the person who shot Fred. Will this enigma be juicy enough to make us want to come back every week? It is not uncommon for networks to stretch as much as possible to keep them going during the year, and that was precisely one of Riverdale’s qualities. Hopefully, producers will be able to take our fears into account and work their storylines correctly. Verdict in October! In the meantime, vote every day for the 2017 World Cup.