Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna in war, Kate Middleton changes his look, George Clooney snobe Brad Pitt: The recap ‘people of the week!

Entertainment 7 July, 2017

This week, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have returned to the heart of the news while Kate Middleton changed look and George Clooney snubbed Brad Pitt! Discover the recap people of the last 7 days!

Impossible not to start this small recap people by the war between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna which began again more beautiful this Wednesday. Dream’s parents seemed to have reconciled, but it was only short-lived. The model did not hesitate to send her ex-fiancé photos of her naked, in bed, with another man! Rob Kardashian was heartbroken and then decided to take revenge. The latter thus published on Instagram pictures of Blac Chyna naked that had sent to him when they exchanged sextos. Rob Kardashian then described her ex as a drugged and infidel while the young woman accused her of beating her. Blac Chyna could sue Dream’s father before the law and their daughter’s custody could be at stake. It’s a real drama that is taking place within the Kardashian clan! And so much to tell you that Kris Jenner and the rest of the family are rather embarrassed by this war between the parents of the little Dream.

Angelina Jolie is much happier since she got closer to Brad Pitt and their children too. Not only do the ex-Brangelina get along better, but they are now only 1km apart. This makes it easier for children to visit their father and everyone is happy. This week, their daughter Shiloh also made the headline news. The little girl would like to change sex. From an early age, Shiloh prefers to dress like a boy and is called John. However, the girl is only 11 years old. So it would seem to be a poison. If she wants to change sex, she will have to wait a little longer. For their part, the Clooney would snuggle Brad Pitt although they are happier and in love than ever. Thus, they plan to renew their vows very soon. But for now, George and Amal Clooney are on vacation in Italy accompanied by their twins, Ella and Alexander.

Meanwhile, would The Weeknd spy Selena Gomez? The singer can not do without his dear and tender and does not fail to stalk his Instagram and love all his photos even the oldest. So cute! Kylie Jenner, separated from Tyga, decided to definitely pull a line on their relationship by erasing her “T” tattoo that referred to her ex-boyfriend. The rapper does not seem to have forgotten the young woman and posted with her look-alike! At Wimbledon, Pippa Middleton showed her smile while Kate Middleton showed up with a brand new haircut. This drastic change of look goes perfectly to the Duchess of Cambridge who enjoys the tennis tournament. As for Prince Harry, it’s always crazy love with Meghan Markle. The actress was back in London to find her darling! A few days ago, Beyoncé and Jay-Z revealed the names of their twins. The babies call themselves Rumi and Sir, which seems to be a tribute to Persian culture. Finally, EnjoyPhoenix again burst into tears in a show. The Youtubeuse does not seem to be well, it is hoped that the holidays will take her!