Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna on trial, will Kris Jenner bring up the matter in KUWTK?

Entertainment 13 July, 2017

While his son Rob Kardashian is going through a very difficult period with Blac Chyna, is Kris Jenner planning to mediate the affair in The Incredible Kardashian Family?

This is the controversy that has been frightening Internet users for several days. You probably could not miss out on what Rob Kardashian did. Blashed at being deceived and humiliated by Blac Chyna, Dream’s dad did not hesitate to take revenge by publishing photos of his ex-girlfriend totally naked on Instagram. Shocking clichés that quickly took to the Web. For good reason, no one expected Khloé Kardashian’s brother to do such a thing. Far from being dismantled by the scandal that his gesture caused, the young man of 30 years continued to clasher the mother of his daughter on social networks. As for Blac Chyna, she quickly hired a lawyer to defend her rights before applying for a removal order against her ex. After that, the reality TV star finally spoke on the photos of her naked leaked by Rob Kardashian. Interviewed on Good Morning America, King Cairo’s mother confided for the first time. Now, the case takes a legal turn and we still do not know what risks the brother of Kourtney Kardashian. But as things become more and more serious, the editing of melty wonders: will this polemic be part of the show The Incredible Kardashian Family?

This is probably the question everyone is asking. Is Kris Jenner ready to publicize what is happening in Rob Kardashian’s life? Will she surf the polemic around this unfortunate story to raise the audience for her show? It’s very likely! Especially when we know that Kendall Jenner may be absent from season 14 of the show. What you should know is that the most prominent family in Los Angeles seems to have no problem washing his dirty laundry in public. One still remembers the special episode on the robbery of Kim Kardashian or the one on the overdose of Lamar Odom. Thus, it would not be surprising to see one or more episodes based on this scandal especially if it ends up in court. In addition, and if we believe the latest information relayed by Hollywood Life, Kris Jenner would have already started the machine. The 61-year-old mom would have felt the need to expose her son’s problems in the program. So much so that according to one informant, the girlfriend of Corey Gamble would have passed several calls to the production of E! Entertainment. Would this be a way to show the public the version of Rob’s facts and help make it clear that everything is Blac Chyna’s fault? According to the source, this is what the businesswoman would like to do. Will the clash between the two old lovebirds be the central theme of the upcoming KUWTK season? Business to follow! And you, do you think Kris Jenner will mediate the tensions between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna?