Rob Kardashian and Tyga: Kris Jenner does everything to break their friendship!

Entertainment 1 April, 2017

Nothing is going well with our friends the people! Kris Jenner would have decided to do everything to keep Rob Kardashian and Tyga away.
For a few days, all eyes are on the most known clan of Los Angeles . The reason ? Kylie Jenner was deceived by Tyga. An info confirmed by Blac Chyna who did not bother to violently clasher the rapper in passing. You have not been able to miss out on this whole story. While no one expected it, King Cairo ‘s mother completely dropped on Snapchat , claiming that her former boyfriend had not paid their son’s child support. Charges that quickly made a big noise on the Web. But that’s not all ! The 28-year-old also tackled Rob Kardashian . According to her, The latter allied himself with Tyga to sully his reputation by spreading false rumors about him in the press. An amazing rapprochement between the two men who would not like Kris Jenner …
According to statements from a source at Hollywood Life , Kris Jenner who dropped Corey Gamble , would do everything in his power to keep Tyga away from Rob Kardashian . The clan’s momager would fear that the rapper would be a bad influence for Dream’s dad . “Kris warned Rob about becoming a friend with Tyga and trying to convince him to reconcile with Blac Chyna and support him,” the informant told the American tabloid. But the revelations do not end there! According to the indiscreet, the wife of 61 years business would simply his son stays out of controversy and other dramas : “Kris is afraid that the problems of Tyga and Blac Chyna also become hers so she does everything she can to Rob and Tyga. Are not close. ” In other words, the tensions are not ready to subside among the Kardashian-Jenner. In your opinion, is Kris Jenner right to react that way?