Rob Kardashian banned from Instagram after having leaked pictures of Blac Chyna nude

Entertainment 6 July, 2017

A few hours after unveiling pictures of naked Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian was banned from the Instagram platform!

Yesterday, Rob Kardashian has leaked intimate photos of Blac Chyna on Instagram. The young woman appeared completely naked! Dream’s mom had not hesitated to send sexy pictures of her while she was exchanging sextos with her former fiancé. However, Blac Chyna does not have only one man in his life. The young woman also sent Rob Kardashian videos and photos where she appears with another man in a bed. As much to say that clichés leave very little room for the imagination! Rob Kardashian simply had a broken heart and wanted to take revenge by posting the photos his ex-fiancée had sent him a little earlier. The problem ? The snapshots were reported and Instagram was quick to ban Rob Kardashian from the platform!

After unveiling the photos of her ex-bride totally naked, Rob Kardashian blasted Blac Chyna by calling her unfaithful and addicted and threatening her violently. But a few hours later, the photos and messages of Dream’s dad had completely disappeared. In addition, it is impossible to access its Instagram page, the content being “unavailable”. If we thought that Rob Kardashian had perhaps erased the clichés so as not to push Blac Chyna further, it is not. The ex-girlfriend of the young woman explained via her Twitter account that it was Instagram who had banned her! The photo platform does not tolerate that pornographic shots circulate as well, as soon as they have been reported, Rob Kardashian has been fired from Instagram. That did not stop Dream’s father from continuing to reveal what he had on his heart via Twitter. Can this situation with Blac Chyna be arranged or this time reconciliation is unthinkable? The next few days should give us the answer!