Rob Kardashian: Blac Chyna unfaithful and drugged, he clashes and threatens it violently! (PHOTOS)

Entertainment 5 July, 2017

This is the event that no one expected! In a few minutes, Rob Kardashian descended his ex, Blac Chyna on Instagram. Infidelity, drugs, alcohol … he clashes and threatens it violently.

We do not know what to think! In just a few seconds, Rob Kardashian descended his former girlfriend on Instagram. Kim’s brother, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian simply fanned a cable and unveiled intimate photos of his ex. On his account Instagram, Rob Kardashian has leaked pictures of Blac Chyna completely naked. Buttocks, chest or even intimate parts, he went very far. And you thought that was all? Obviously, Rob Kardashian has put on the social network Blac personal videos as well as shocking messages. We learn then that the star has deceived Rob Kardashian, and this several times, but also that it is addicted to the drug. If there is one person who is not going to be happy, it’s Kris Jenner …

We’re not going to lie to each other, but Rob Kardashian fell a cable on Instagram. The American reality television star, who had decided to take back his life in his hands, has plunged back. If one knew him jealous, one understands his doubts. Did this require such lynching on his ex-girlfriend? In murderous messages, he reveals recent videos of Blac Chyna embracing another guy. Dream’s mother would have purposely sent this to Rob Kardashian. On other messages, he clearly insults the young woman. Infidelity, alcohol, cosmetic surgery or even taking drugs, he portrays a little glorious portrait of Blac Chyna. In his messages, he even confirms that he will do everything to take away the guard of their daughter, Dream. Recently separated (for the twentieth time), Rob Kardardashian and Blac Chyna had broken for unknown reasons, until today!