Rob Kardashian unveils new photos of Dream

Entertainment 1 January, 2017

If there is one positive point of this year in the Kardshian / Jenner clan, it is indeed the birth of Dream Kardashian! A little piece that makes the happiness of his father who can not help but share his daily life with her.
2016 will definitely not be the sacred year of the Kardashian family, far from it. Between the problems of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as well as Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, the empire of the famous family is not at the top, far from it. Besides, Rob Kardashian was hospitalized a few days ago and took a radical decision after the event. The only man in the family decided it was quitting its reality, Rob & Chyna , the latter causing him too much stress. A stress that certainly caused her discomfort in addition to her diabetes problems. One can say however that there will have been a positive and very important point in the life of Rob Kardashian this year: the birth of Dream Kardashian, November 10th. And since then, the young man is no longer with his daughter … He is crazy!
So on the eve of Christmas Blac Chyna, using Dream as leverage on the Kardashian clan / Jenner , is part of the family house with her daughter following a hack his Instagram account, this gesture was more than touched Rob Kardashian who had confided in his followers. Fortunately for him, he has found his daughter for several days and he does not leave her, despite his recent hospitalization. He also shared that night three new photos on her Instagram account , one with the caption: “Just me and Dream” . He even revealed a snapshot of Chyna with the small decked a filter Snapchat: “My babies Look boils my babies.” . It seems that the couple has found for the moment a little stability, taking advantage of their moments with their newborn. But for how long ? For a moment we hope! Follow Rob Kardashian on Instagram?