Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart confides in his ex, will he answer?

Entertainment 13 March, 2017

If Kristen Stewart is rather discreet at the moment, her latest statements about her ex have not gone unnoticed. But then, will Robert Pattinson answer him?
While she is rather discreet about her personal life, Kristen Stewart has decided to expose herself in the media. This obviously started with his interview for ELLE UK last year. The young woman gave more details about her sexuality. Since then, the former actress of the Twilight saga no longer hides, quite the contrary. In partnership with Stella Maxwell, Kristen Stewart seems more fulfilled than ever. But then, during his last statements, or even during his participation in the SNL , KStew spoke about his ex, Robert Pattinson, and their sentimental relationship. It is very strange that the boyfriend of FKA Twigs does not react to the comments of his former girlfriend.
Is Robert Pattinson playing “Who does not say word consents?” Or to “Cause of which, you interest me!” ? In any case, the British star has been silent for several months. As a couple with the star FKA Twigs, he finally seems to have found a balance in his life. He never hid that his Twilight period was destructive to him. Drug, alcohol, he was no longer himself. Is that why he decided not to react to the last words of Kristen Stewart ? We feel that Robert Pattinson turned the page on his vampiric period. But now, for several weeks, a new rumor is running again on the Web. Eh yes, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart could be reunited for a new Twilight . Can this really be possible? To be continued …