Robert Pattinson much happier with FKA Twigs than with Kristen Stewart?

Entertainment 14 July, 2017

If Robert Pattison has lived several years of passion with Kristen Stewart, it would seem that he is more fulfilled than ever before. The actor lives his idyll with FKA Twigs away from the paparazzi, and they are very happy like that …

Is FKA Twigs jealous of Kristen Stewart? According to some media, the darling of Robert Pattinson would be afraid that he is still addicted to his ex. Rumors very unreliable! Not only Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been avoiding each other since their breakup, but in addition they have each found love on their side. And if we believe the actor, he is much happier now! Robert Pattinson lived a passionate love story with Bella Swan’s interpreter during the filming of the Twilight saga, but he never hid that the obsession of the media for their idyll was very unpleasant to live.

But today this is no longer the case! Since he is a couple with FKA Twigs, the actor does everything to protect himself from the attention of the media, and he is much more fulfilled. He confided in a recent interview with the Inquirer website: “It’s so nice not to have this fear of being spied any more. I do not need to think about it today, Vis in London where you are left alone “. If Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart met in Paris for the fashion week recently, they are both very much in love with their respective darlings. And it’s very good like that!