Roberto Alagna’s grandfather for the first time

Entertainment 6 December, 2016

The French tenor see his family grow. Roberto Alagna is now grandfather recent months. Good news he wanted to share with our colleagues Tele-Loisirs .

roberto-alagna-sur-sce-neDad and grandpa now! After two marriages and two children, Roberto Alagna now has a small-son . Aged 53, the opera singer recently became a grandfather, and this for the first time. It was during an interview with our colleagues and Crew , the French tenor dropped information. And that’s Ornella, his eldest daughter aged 24, who gave birth to a baby boy. That was a few months ago.
Filled with joy, the Franco-Italian man said: Ornella “is now balanced, intelligent woman who became a mother in turn last summer” .
A few months earlier, Roberto Alagna confirmed the pregnancy of his daughter during his time on the show “Exit the Framework ‘ led by Nikos Aliagas on Europe 1 . “I’m delighted because my second daughter who is two years will be tata” , had he exclaimed.
Indeed, there are two years, the singer has found, once again, the joys of fatherhood. His partner, the Polish singer Aleksandra Kurzak gave birth to a baby girl, named Malèna. A name that has obviously inspired Roberto since his last album, released on October 28 and is baptized.
In 2013, Roberto Alagna had engaged in some confidences in the columns of Gala while his wife was pregnant . He confided be delighted with this news: “I already have a great daughter Ornella, who is twenty-two. With her, it was a joy every day. It worked very well in school and now it is in film, assistant director. I hope that with the next, it will be the same. ”
In all this happiness, Roberto, however, experienced a dramatic episode, the death of the mother Ornella, Florence winds down in 1994, a year after the birth of their first child.