Rocco Ritchie: Madonna’s son arrested in drug possession

While he was smoking a joint with a friend in the street, the son of Madonna was arrested by police. This would be the neighbors irritated by his behavior that would have contacted the authorities, already patrolling nearby.

madonnaThe hand in the bag. Then he shared a joint with a friend in Primrose Hill, north London, the son of singer 58 years found himself face to face with the police and more precisely the “Camden Borough’s Youth Offending Team» the equivalent of the juvenile, who was patrolling nearby. Anti crime unit, who was quick to discover traces of cannabis on the clothes of the young man.
Luckily, the 16 year old faces a lighter sentence because the offense committed is considered “low level”. It will still be countered to comply with the general interests of work. In addition, according to a source who has explained to Sun , Rocco would be a “wild” rebellious boy and well-known residents.
Perhaps he needs to show his mother that he is not a child? He may skidded, interfered with his family problems ? In fact, this incident comes only two months after the court order putting the responsibility of his father, Guy Ritchie (48 years).
That should not fix the situation with his mother, with whom the conflict persists for almost two years because of “too strict upbringing.” The London Metropolitan Police monitor the risk more closely.

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