Rocco Siffredi: Rosa is his wife?

Entertainment 30 November, 2016

Former Miss Hungary, wife of ” Rocco ” with which she turned, Rosa Siffredi has since become the mother of his children. Portrait of a woman who for 25 years proclaims: ” At least I know where my husband !”.

rocco-et-sa-femme1993 Cannes Film Festival, Rosa Tassi off a train. She is 21, a title of Miss Hungary in 1990 behind it, and now an uncertain future. Except that the young woman of 1 meter 78 is expected on the platform and do not yet know that this meeting will change the course of his life .
The Hungarian has sent a few weeks before, a Polaroid to a production company for ” a hostess job ” during the Festival. At the station, a man holds in his hand and looking her face in the crowd of travelers. This man is Rocco Siffredi, employer research constant swoon, came on the Croisette promote the release of her new perfume. He had hostesses to accompany him, he will find the woman of his life.
A pornographic remake of Bodyguard is scheduled the next day. The actress who has to share the stage with Rocco withdraws at the last moment, ” the Italian Stallion ” it seeks a replacement, Rosa agrees on ” a whim ” . Everything starts between them, she plays the star and his bodyguard. A month later, Rocco enters a jewelry, bought a ring and a marriage proposal. ” We waited a year to get married, we had to get to know us .” , She recently told the Italian version Vanity Fair .
The man continued his career and will accumulate until 5000 conquests; she would have had only one partner on the screen, good obviously. What follows is a fairy tale … rated X. In 1995, she gave birth to their first son, Lorenzo. Leonardo will arrive three years later. Her motherhood spell the end of his career in the porn industry. Siffredi Rosa is still in his twenties and emancipated as a woman and mother with Rocco, a ” strong man at his side ,” madly in love.
Over time, it can not hide its offspring, its past and the activity of their father. The beautiful Hungarian does not take offense and tell them about sexuality, ” all sexualities ” . His role as ” mamma ” vampirizes not provided its ambitions businesswoman wanting to perpetuate the family business by diversifying activity studios, between commercials, corporate films, clips or series.
At 52, Rocco Siffredi decides to hang up. Rosa never pushed to leave the medium that made him famous and rich, preferring to see take his impulses in a studio, rather than prostitutes, aware of the obsession that inhabits : ” I at least, unlike other women, I know where my husband !”. But finite await his return, Rocco is at home now … for his greatest happiness.