Rocco Siffredi talk openly about sex, as a “demon” between her legs

Entertainment 21 November, 2016

In recent years, the man in the 1500 film X and 5000 partners, as this documentary dedicated to him, Rocco (in theaters November 30) went through a crisis. Between guilt and impulses, this father had to face his demons.

rocco-siffrediIn the quiet lounges Hotel Costes in Paris, Rocco Siffredi, fifty-two years, speaks readily of the worst enemy that he had to confront: himself. Serious, like Rocco, the documentary co-directed by Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai is his soul that the actor puts this time bare. Married, father of two son, forty years he had wanted to stop porn. Against all odds, that choice had resulted in the torment of mistakes, awakened inner demons …

Gala: How do you analyze this deeper malaise that you have gone through?
Rocco Siffredi : It took me back to a nightmare I was a child. One of my brothers – we were six children – died when he was little following a seizure. For four, five years, I saw my mother terribly unhappy. I would have done anything to make the pain, make it more joyful life, which meant having a few lire to put on the table. My father worked, but mender, it brought little. One night I dreamed that a kind of devil approached and said: “If you come to me, I will help you to become someone and you can help your mother. “This nightmare has haunted me throughout adolescence. When I started working as a porn star, it continued unless the heck I was trying to repel added: “It’s too late! “I think it was related to the confusion between what I was taught – I was an altar boy, religion taught me that sexuality was to live in marriage – and the other side me sex is very , very free – at eleven-two, I already had an explosive libido.

Gala: Have you felt guilty?
RS : Yes, but compared to my wife only. Never for the Church or my parents. (…)

Gala: At forty, you decided to stop porn. Why?
RS : I started to feel bad. Compared to my kids too. But I had not measured how much I was addicted to sex. It’s a real addiction drove me to do horrible things. It was obsessive. I was able to drop everything, even a game with my son to go find sex on the Internet. Young, old, trans, everything! After, I was running, I got home, I grabbed my children who slept like angels and rediscovered my wife looking at me seemed to say: “OK, you’re still missing a time …” It was terrible. I saw mine and I wondered, ” Why am I doing this Do I deserve this family? “All that I slowly destroyed from within.

Gala: How have you met Rosa?
RS : I was a casting for a movie, I saw a Polaroid of her. I was told then that it was not a porn actress, but Miss Hungary. I insisted on meeting her. I offered to be host to distribute flyers during a Cannes Film Festival. After I had to shoot a remake of Bodyguard, and the girl who played the role of Whitney Houston has missed his plane. So, I proposed to replace Rosa. She agreed on one condition: she has sex scene with me. We did that once.

Gala: How your son Lorenzo, twenty, and Leonardo, seventeen, do they live this situation?
RS : In Italy, when you’re a porn star, you’re a superhero. In Hungary, where they attend school, the mentality is different, everybody knows what I do and do not care. My kids have that chance. And I always told them about my job .

Find the full interview and photos of Rocco Siffredi family in the Gala magazine, on newsstands November 23, 2016.