ROCK’N ROLL: Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard completely crazy, our review

We saw ROCK N’ROLL with Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet and this is what we thought of the film that is released this Wednesday, February 15 in theaters.
In the trailer of ROCK N’ROLL, we saw Guillaume Canet jealous of Kev Adams or deceive Marion Cotillard . But did he really do it? We do not want to spoiler you, but we can tell you a little more about this film directed by Guillaume Canet himself and who bears his name extremely well (some would even say ROCK N’DRÔLE) ! Indeed, we discover these two actors as we have ever seen: a Marion Cotillard more natural than ever, funny, crazy, simple, cool, class, sublime and who plays wonderfully well whether one likes or not the person (or The actress), it is a pleasure to find her in a comedy and especially this one since she shares the poster with her husband and her friends (but not her son). A funny Guillaume Canet, natural, who plays just as well as his wife but who, pushed his character a little far . Maybe it’s slipping a bit.
If the spectators can interfere in the life of these two huge stars because their role on the screen is representative of their daily life in real life (Guillaume fetches in bed, Marion chips in pajamas to prepare his roles), the film takes A very different turn after an hour. Finished the beautiful Guillaume ranked, professional and good father of family, but places Guillaume who dreams fun, rock and especially to stay young and who is therefore ready for anything not to take a ride. Seeing Johnny Hallyday (the real one) and Laetitia Hallyday (the real one), an aesthetic surgeon, sending his producers (the Attal brothers) to shit that he actually produced The little handkerchiefs and Do Tell his friends, long friends (Gilles Lellouche, Philippe Lefebvre) or Camille Rowe, As beautiful as it is brilliant … he goes completely into balls. Like the movie, finally.
So we liked to discover the true life of Marion Cotillard who plays Marion Cotillard, a passionate, bumpy actress and a bit neurotic and Guillaume Canet who plays Guillaume Canet, a riding crazy, cinema but a bit overwhelmed by the new generation Of actors like Kev Adams (that one sees 30 seconds) and Pierre Niney. We have kiffé watch play Camille Rowe who risks seeing his career explode very soon. But we have less hooked on the second part which deviates from the real and which starts in a pure fiction, which hopefully will never be realized. Basically, if you want to have a good time, without taking a head, in love or between friends, go to see ROCK N’ROLL

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