Rogue One, A Star Wars Story: 3 Things You Did not Know About The Movie

Cinema 19 January, 2017

A few weeks ago Rogue One Star Wars Story was released in theaters, but it still has secrets to unveil.
Rogue One is one of the biggest movie hits of 2016 and proved that Disney was able to get out of the saga “basic” by proposing a Spin Off of hitherto unknown characters. Rogue One was a commercial and critical success and if you are a big fan of Star Wars , there are chances that you know the Fun facts we are about to share with you, but if it is not the We promise you that it’s fun! With a Youtube video published on Looper chain, we learn that the idea of Rogue One was born of two phrases found in the opening credits of Star Wars A New Hope . However, it is thanks to one of the special effects supervisors that the idea of ​​making a whole movie has become more than an idea and we thank him!
Other Fun Fact , production of Rogue One was not classic. While 99% of the movies are made from a script written in advance, the Spin Off Star Wars team cut out scenes from a hundred movies that they then mounted together to see if the plot was working, How much dialogue was needed and how long each scene could take. A process that seems complicated, but has obviously worked well.
Finally last but not least , if you watched all the trailers for Star Wars Rogue One A Story, you probably noticed that some scenes in the trailers have not found their way into the film we found in The dark rooms. Have they lost on the way? Director Gareth Edwards explained that the marketing team decided to continue using cut scenes when editing the final film because, according to them, they perfectly represented the spirit of the film. Good or bad decision?