Rogue One: But what is this new Star Wars?

Cinema 30 December, 2016

Today fate Rogue One, a new film of the saga Star Wars . Not really a sequel, not really a prequel (a film that unfolds before), this independent episode occupies a place apart, and unpublished, in the universe of George Lucas. We’ll help you find it.

A year after The Force Wake , Disney released a new installment in the saga Star Wars . Title Rogue One , he enrolled in an unconventional way into the universe created by George Lucas . It bears no episode number, like the other seven, but the action takes place just before the number 4 , that is to say the first film, released in 1977. It is a spin off as Said, a derivative.

The story of Rogue One is also written in the pop summary at the beginning of the film . “During the battle, the Rebels managed to steal the secret plans of the Empire’s absolute weapon: the Black Star, a space station equipped with a weapon powerful enough to annihilate an entire planet.” C ‘shipment is in enemy territory Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and this small group of rebels that relates the film Gareth Edwards . The scenario is autonomous, with new characters, a beginning, an end, a real, but Rogue One fits perfectly in the universe Star Wars with pretty wink and references, some well-known characters and a Fall that brings episode 4 perfectly.

In terms of following the saga, it is currently being filmed . This will be episode 8, under still unknown, whose action takes place logically after that of the Force Revival . Are you still following? It is then speak over Rogue One . Except to say that it is one of the best Star Wars seen throughout the galaxy.