Rohff back with Supernatural, he descends the competition with this image

Entertainment 29 June, 2017

Nothing frightens Rohff, especially not the current rappers! He has even just tackled the competition with a new image.
After years absent, Rohff is determined to make his return in the ferries with Supernatural . The rapper has concocted a new album that will surely be available before the end of the year. While waiting for the big day, those who follow him on the social networks have some clashes to put in the teeth. Notably the one with Booba that still makes noise today . But beware, nothing frightens Rohff, especially not the other rappers . The proof with this new publication.
Rohff knows how to warm the public before the release of his new project which may well be the last of his career . The rapper had the idea to post a picture a bit piquant. It is actually a childish image of Bisounours with the legend : ” MaVisionDuGame …” A small spade launched history to show that he feels far superior to the market of the moment! Now, more than waiting for the result in music.