Rohff backed by Antoine Griezmann, a boost for his big comeback?

Entertainment 29 May, 2017

Rohff shared a video on Instagram in his neighborhood, Vitry. In the comments, the rapper can count on the support of Antoine Griezmann.
Rohff is back with his album Supernatural , which should be the last of his career. At the top with his track “Out of Control” , the first sound unveiled on April 28, he takes time to refine the final details. On Instagram, where he regularly gives news to his followers, he shares his music but also his personal life. Rohff also unveiled Mark’s remix of Future, and the reviews are rather mixed . But no matter, the artist continues to make talk by filming his friends in his neighborhood in Vitry-sur-Seine, and is even validated by a football player ultra popular.
“Ah yes, that’s important!” We can read in commentary of the video. A little reaction that did not go unnoticed since it was signed by Antoine Griezmann . The attacker loves to comment on the posts of the French rappers, of which it is more or less close. With this size support, roh2f can only break the booth , and so bad if Booba tackles Rohff in a new video published , the rapper is away, and has no time for these gamineries. We would like to see one day Griezmann in a clip alongside the artist, to make the buzz once and for all. What do you think ?