Rohff gives his definition of true rap in interview, a beautiful lesson

Entertainment 21 January, 2017

In truth interview for Rapunchline, Rohff gave his vision of things about “real rap”.
It is no longer a secret that 2017 will mark the return of Rohff with his next album Supernatural . While waiting for the release of this project, the rapper reserved a nice surprise to his fans by granting a long interview truth to Rapunchline. Cut into three parts, the videos are finally all online. And if in Part 2 Rohff confided that he was a child of the people and he was proud, this time, the interpreter of “Testament” talked music. Roh2f has also given its definition of “real rap”. A simple and effective answer: “The real Peura is the authentic rap is successful in the rules of art, it’s beautiful.” The suite just below.
Rohff continued explaining about the implementation Rapunchline : “Te posters no complex, you’re not cheating, you’re not down your pants, you said you had not when You were true to your mind. Your writing has risen, you have improved on the level of interpretation, but without changing your course of action, you have remained faithful to your tone. When you meet this success in this state of mind, I want to say that you do real rap. And then you kickes, you rappes, today I ‘ Hear everybody sing I understand nothing more. ” He then said that he too was singing in his choruses, but he did not forget to rape next. A bit like Nefkeu which soon will tour with his S-Crew . And for you, what is the definition of true rap?