Rohff in clash with Lacrim and Booba, a fan takes revenge for him

Entertainment 4 April, 2017

While Rohff did not really like Lacrim working with Booba, a fan decided to take revenge for him.
Last week, Lacrim and Booba announced that they had collaborated together on Force & Honor, Lacrim’s latest album. A news that surprised more than one, beginning with Rohff, who obviously took the trouble to see his buddy doing a featuring with his rival. This is in any case what one can conclude after having watched one of his last posts on Instagram , where the messages “The tricks of this game do not make me smile what I see …” and ” #NeufQuatreUNITED ” are at least explicit. But now that he seems to have moved on to something else, for some of his fans, this “treachery” is harder to digest. The proof with the video below.
“Son of p *** never again Lac rim 50 tal in a box of a traitor dirty b ***** worthless ” can we read in comment of a video of one of the fans of Rohff, who is In the process of breaking a CD box of RIPRO 2, Lacrim’s previous mixtape. Okay, ok, we can understand that some people are taking it badly. But from there to react like that … Maybe this fan will happen to move on when he will hear the first excerpt of Supernatural, that Rohff does not stop teaser , and which should leave incessantly shortly. What do you think of the reaction of this Rohff fan? Is it not a little disproportionate?