Rohff in studio, he unveils an unpublished couplet on this new video

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

Rohff is back after months of silence. On Facebook, he shared an excerpt of a new sound and it will hurt a lot.
Rohff, which says open to new rappers Nefkeu and PNL , has sent heavy on his Facebook page . Yesterday live, the rapper 94 shared an unpublished excerpt from a new piece which should be released later in the year. “Live from the studio … just to warm the climate,” he captioned. Finally ! After being erased from the world of rap, granting that very few interviews and sharing almost nothing on the social networks, the former member of the Mafia K’1 Fry is back and it is pleasing to hear. With his punchlines and his flow, he will come to titillate the new kings of the French classification.
Preparing his media comeback , the rapper has long entrusted to our confreres of Rapunchline . In a last interview, he even confides in the new fashionable band, NLP. “They are a bit like me, they made themselves (…) They seem to be appreciated and respected in their neighborhood, and that’s important.” Apparently quite a fan, it shares the same view as Booba, who could accept a collaboration with Ademo and NOS . Meanwhile, since the release of Rohff Game in December 2015, the music of roh2f missing and we can not wait to discover the result and his new album Supernatural , scheduled for the year 2017. Are you excited to return Rohff in stores ?