Rohff more powerful than Booba? The message that hurts

Entertainment 22 May, 2017

Rohff decided to prove once and for all that he was the best in the recording industry, regardless of his rivals.
The rivalry between Booba and Rohff is not new. The two rappers can not frame themselves and regularly send pikes. The b2o does not hesitate to scratch the image of those who disturb it in his songs or on social networks. Moreover, Booba is one of the artists present in our playlist of the week against the haters . But if the Duke of Boulogne tends to take himself for the king in the rap industry sometimes , rho2f decided to make him pass a message while subtlety on Instagram . A small affront that should not be long to find answer in the coming days.
On social networks, Rohff, who can be expected in 2017 with a French rap album , has posted this little message in a legend of a selfie: “The head that I put when Wikipedia and Snep reveal that I am And remains the biggest seller of record in my generation still active. ” Yes, according to music professionals, Rohff would sell more records than any competitors of his generation , which includes Booba. Inevitably, it will not please the interpreter of “DKR” , slightly provoked by his enemy. Meanwhile, Rohff proves that he is once again one step ahead. What do you think ?