Rohff: Nekfeu, PNL … It shows that it is open to new rappers

Entertainment 21 January, 2017

In a long interview, the rapper of the 94 spoke about PNL and Nekfeu.
Last June, Rohff was filming for his very first live on Périscope. A video rich in content, since we could discover exclusively two new songs from the rapper, as well as a small interview at the very end of live. A small talk during which the author of “Regretted” said all the good he thought of PNL and Nekfeu, which he even invited to make a featuring. In an exclusive interview with our colleagues Rapunchline to launch their application Rohff reversed these big up to the brothers of NLP (they consider to be like him) and Nekfeu.
“It was spontaneous” cowardly Rohff, in this interview during which he returned to his definition of true rap. “I’m not a calculator. I have nothing to gain from doing that. I spent a big up, because I think it’s fair play, in the sense that PNL never hid that they had grown up on Rohff. And then Nekfeu, I was shown links where he reported on the beat of the song ’94’, where he picked up the refrain of ‘For those’ (…) And it is also to show people that I am open. Because there are some who think I’m closed, marginal ” says former member of the Mafia k1 Fry. What do you think of Rohff’s statements about PNL and Nekfeu?