Rohff provoked by Booba on Instagram, the clash continues in photo

Entertainment 9 March, 2017

Booba and Rohff start clapping again on Instagram. This new photo is pretty pungent elsewhere.
The calm before the storm … It’s a bit what sums up the clash of Booba and Rohff at the moment . For a few months, we had the impression that it was a little better between the two rappers. Rohff was discreet and Booba seemed to occupy to put KO Patrice Quarteron, Kaaris or La Fouine ( yeah the guy is fighting with a little everyone .) Except Roh2f prepares his great return so the hostilities resume more beautiful . The one we have been waiting for months and months with his album Surnaturel has just made his big comeback on Instagram . Curious, Booba wanted to take a quick look at the account of his best enemy … Problemo, he noticed being blocked. There was no need for storm B20 to burst.
By discovering having been québlo, Booba has made a screenshot to display it on his account Instagram. It accompanied all of a small legend well salty story to restart the clash once and for all . And if we thought that Booba was the only one to send pikes, it would seem that this is not the case. Rohff posted a photo of a flaming lion on his new Instagram account with the legend : “Let lions and lionesses on my Insta, no goats or poultry here …” A message rather clear. Now we are releasing a new pack of popcorns and we are waiting for the Duke of Boulogne’s reply. Which side are you on?