Rohff remixes Future Mask Off, Internet users are mixed

Entertainment 29 May, 2017

While the remix of Mask off of Future by Rohff has leaked on the net, the Net surfers do not seem to have too much kiffe.
On February 17, Future was back in the box with his Future album . Among the 17 titles present on this new opus, one can find there a small bomb called “Mask off” . As soon as it is released, the title becomes a tube. Since then, everyone wants to do rap on the flute. But while the popularity of the piece began to run out of time lately, the melancholic rapper gave him a little boost by clipping him. Result? In just 3 weeks, the video reached more than 45 million views on Youtube at the time of writing these lines. A success that is now exported abroad, especially in France, where it reached the ears of Rohff, who decided to make a remix.
On Twitter, land of all the media lynchings, the Internet users are without mercy concerning this remix of “Mask off” of Future by Rohff, which you can listen by clicking HERE . “Mask off of Rohff it is a carnage, it kill the sound of Future” , “It totally defiled the sound it breaks the balls, Future it must convulse the hearing it Mask Rohff” , “As much the original of future is really phew as the voice of Rohff on the instrument to “mask rohff” ca piiiiiique ” … others find it rather remix rather successful: ” Pttdddrrr rohff how vien drinking Future in mask off Rohff Mask ” , “Rohff’s victory outside on the” Future Instrument ” . We are now waiting impatiently for a first reaction from Rohff (who just released the title “I ‘m not even giving time”) … And you, what do you think of this remix of Mask off by Rohff ?