Rohff: Supernatural, sick feats to be expected?

Entertainment 6 April, 2017

Rohff will soon be back in the box with the album Supernatural. Are there feats? Answer right now!
Although he has been quiet in recent months, Rohff did not turn his thumbs. The rapper tapped hard in the studio to come back stronger than ever. All his audience is waiting for his famous album Supernatural with impatience. The guy does not stop teasing the project on his social networks. He even made a new Instagram account specially for the @SurnaturelByRohff disc promo . Above, Roh2f regale us with all kinds of images to make us live his daily life. Between two videos and a studio session, the interpreter of “Determined” has teased the heavy for this next project . The question that everyone is asking now … Feats are to be expected?
After threatening the other rappers , Rohff posted a new video on his account Instagram in which it talks about feats. As much to say that we have direct plugged in our headphones and put the volume to the bottom to learn a little more about the subject. In the first few seconds, the rapper sends a dream saying that he is live from his studio then he goes on to say: “This is the Nasa family here, we are in space, we mix in space we . ” He goes on to say: “Well, the suspense has lasted enough, there’s a big feat on the album, everyone talks about it, everybody is asking the question, he’s right behind me, guess it’s who ?” Can not find … The rapper directs the camera on a statue of Batman laughing. Thanks for the sleeve of the century dude! Who do you think he could work with?