Rohff talks about NLP in interview: “They are a bit like me”

Entertainment 21 January, 2017

In an interview, roh2f gave his opinion on the NLP group, stating in particular that they had similarities.
NLP is THE big rap feeling of the last two years. Listened to by hundreds of thousands of people in France and even to the United States (PNL is part of the line-up of the Coachella festival) , the brothers of the Cities Tarterets Corbeil Essones experienced a runaway success. A popularity that is observed among fans of rap, but not that: Booba Seth Gueko through Niro, Ademo and NOS are also unanimity among rappers themselves, which Rohff. In an exclusive interview with our colleagues Rapunchline for the launch of their application, the rapper 94 returned to what he thought of the two authors of “Naha” .
“They’re a little like me, they just happens,” he said, after the journalist had mentioned the big up that Rohff PNL had passed during his first live on Periscope last June. “They seem to be appreciated and respected in their neighborhood, and that’s important. For me, when you say to be from the street, it is very important (…) Limite I prefer a student from a bourgeois family who starts to rap and assume, rather than Guy from a middle-class family who is playing street. Him, he will tire me ” coward Rohff in an interview in which he explained why he was absent from the Negro Music Clip Kery James. What do you think of Rohff’s comments about NLP?