Rohff: Top 5 of the best punchlines in his career

Entertainment 14 May, 2017

While roh2f has unveiled his new track “Out of Control”, discover now our Top 5 Rohff Punchlines.
5 – “They take it in the Fillon, but do not pay Penelope’s wages”
We start with a punchline that we can hear in the explosive Out of Control, the last title of Rohff that he unveiled recently. In this super-edgy piece, where he shows more shape than ever, the rapper of the 94 sends punchline on punchline, of which the one above, which of course refers to Pénélope Fillon, the wife of François Fillon, who is suspected of Fictitious employment. The former presidential candidate will appreciate the dedication.
4 – “Pure comes from the street, asks Jean-Luc”
At the time of the release of the song “In Your Eyes” which contains this punchline, it is then in 2010, and the famous television host Jean-Luc Delarue is arrested by the police for consumption of cocaine. A case that had made the buzz at the time, and which inspired this pretty game of word to the rapper of Vitry.
3 – “My only bling bling was an electronic bracelet”
When Roh2f is the second rapper that sells the most records in France (behind his eternal rival Booba), when Rap is released , the song that contains this punchline. So at the top of its popularity, it unveils this piece ultra-efficient, featuring with Amel Bent, which immediately becomes a hit. Through this beautiful punchline, he referred to one of his convictions, which led him to wear an electronic bracelet.
2 – “While the rich kill time, time kills the poor”
In 2001, Rohff released his second album, Life Before Death . He is one of the rising stars of the rap game made in France, and begins to assert his style, notably through songs like “Crucible 2 thugs” , the title that contains the punchline above. It’s all about the strength of the roh2f: a 5-minute song, without a chorus, in which it sends punchline to punchline without stopping, including the one above, which summarizes in a few words one of the most Sad observations of our society. And that, at the same time, reveals the conscious side of the rapper of the 94 , who, although he is very strong in ego-trip, can also be interesting when he digs his brains a little.
1 – “I do not skip but my writing is salty”
We are in 2009, and Rohff releases one of his biggest classics, ” Regretted ” . Like the previous title, Rohff (one of the last Instagram videos made the buzz) recounts for 8 minutes, without refrain. In this very intimate piece, he will evoke loved ones that he lost throughout his life, one just before the release of the album Au-delà de mes limites . A piece that contains in particular this very beautiful punchline, in which he declares that he weeps through his texts in the absence of crying for real, as if his tears mingled in ink and his writing became so salty. And you, what is your favorite punchline of Rohff?