Rohff vs Booba, is peace possible between the two rappers?

Entertainment 19 April, 2017

While Rohff and Booba have waged a merciless war for years, is a peace between the two possible?
In a few days, Rohff is about to unveil the first excerpt of his new album, Supernatural . A new opus which, according to the rapper, will be the last of his career. A career as long as the arm, marked by popular successes, classics that will mark French rap forever, but also by a memorable clash with its biggest rival, Booba, which will remain engraved in all memories. At the dawn of the release of the last CD of Rohff, is a peace between roh2f and B2O possible?
First, let’s get back to the origins of the clash. In 2001, Rohff invited Booba and Rim’K (who were interviewed recently) to make a piece together, “It’s Us Street” . While the title was to appear on Rohff’s second album Life or Death , he will eventually be removed from the tracklist at the last moment. The reason ? Booba demands a big lead for the piece to come out. A financial detail that did not please roh2f, which then reproaches his counterpart to take a little too big fat. In 2008, Booba returns once again Rohff zehef while wanting to release his album 0.9 at the same time as that of his rival.
At the end of 2015, after the release of Rohff Game (which has just been a golden record), Rohff decided to stop responding to Booba’s provocations. It is thought then that a peace, or at least a truce is possible between the two rivals. It was without counting on the perseverance of the B20, which continues to do everything to annoy Rohff by regularly making fun of him on the social networks. In spite of everything, roh2f resists, until he cracks in March, sending a spade to his rival on his account Instagram that he has just created. Since then, roh2f regularly sends hashtags which suggest that he speaks indirectly of Booba ( # evenLinnocenceReconnaitlesMythos # MaladieduSeccle #FayceDePioute ), While the B20 does the same on his Insta account . In Melty, one would have liked to see a peace between the two, like Nas and Jay-Z, who, after having taken the lead for years, ended up making peace (and even a piece together). But in the case of our two frenchy, it seems wrong … And you, do you think Booba and Rohff will one day make peace?