Rolling Stones: a new album … then they hate

Entertainment 17 November, 2016

While they hate in life, members of the Rolling Stones are back with a new studio album.

rolling-stonesThis news will make people happy: the Rolling Stones released a new studio album on 2 December, the first in 11 years to do that out of the best of. Blue & Lonesome, therefore, ” which brings the group to its roots and passion for the blues music that has always been at the heart of the Rolling Stones” , wrote the group on its website under the photo of the cover of the new album . it shows the mythical mouth, protruding tongue, all in indigo blue with red accents. the disc, produced by Polydor Records, includes covers of Jimmy Reed, Willie Dixon, Eddie Taylor, Little Walter and Howlin ‘Wolf .
But what puts the seventies when, according to the writings of Keith Richards in his memoirs: Life, my life with the Stones , the two friends hate for thirty years, or at least does not support more . Before each concert he says it, it’s all in his dressing room. Why, then, continue to work together even though they are among the ten richest people in England  ? Several reasons: “Disco kid,” the nickname that Keith Richards dons Mick Jagger sums up the personality of the singer, who like all the spotlights are trained on him and takes every means to get there, as much in sight in his very public life. Women profusely and the immense popularity of his group, however, fail to satisfy him. Jagger always want more for him. His burning ambition may also be crystallized in his ennoblement in 2003, which was contrary to his anti-establishment original convictions.
Keith Richards is not a flamboyant personality as his sidekick still (only drummer Charlie Watts accompanies from the beginning), but the heart and soul music of the Rolling Stones, it’s him. Notorious heroin addict and candid about its consumption, Richards behind a reputation constantly amplified by the media. It is yet detoxified after her famous arrest in Toronto in 1977 – he still smokes marijuana regularly, which is not much considering his history of consumption. Richards does not hate money so far – he has several homes, one in Parrot Cay, in Turkey and Caicos Islands, where he met Paul McCartney . But the guitarist, the income flow is interesting insofar as it allows Stones to afford their (great) ambitions.
Unlike Jagger, who has an insatiable appetite for sex – it is also a husband and fickle lover to the very tumultuous love life (he has seven children), reflecting its image of sex symbol asserted and assumed – Richards is a model of stability. He had three children with his first wife, actress Anita Pallenberg, from 1967 to 1979, and two others with the model Patti Hansen, his wife since 1983. Good reasons to continue working together, right?