Roman Polanski: the government reacts and is shocked that the director chairs the Caesar

Entertainment 20 January, 2017

Two days after the announcement of the Academy of Caesar, the government criticized the appointment of Roman Polanski as president of the ceremony of 26 February. The Minister of Women’s Rights, Laurence Rossignol, lambasted the ” banalization ” of the rape that represented such a choice, without however calling for a boycott of the event.
Until now silent, the government eventually responded to the appointment of Roman Polanski as president of the Caesar . Laurence Rossignol, the Minister of Women Law, was interviewed at the microphone of France Culture when she expressed her surprise and disappointment .
” I find it surprising and shocking that the story of a rape in a man’s life does not weigh. It is a choice which reflects the share of those who have decided to appoint as President of Caesar to a disregard of the facts alleged against him . In fact, it does not matter to the organizers that Roman Polanski is prosecuted in the United States and has to his credit the rape of a (…) 13-year-old child. ”
This official position takes place 48 hours after the announcement of the Academy of Caesar. A petition and a boycott movement have already been launched on social networks . The former Minister of Culture Aurélie Filipetti, was also questioned on the subject, but did not express the same opinion. She said, slightly embarrassed that he had to ” let Roman Polanski preside over this ceremony ” on the grounds that the facts were prescribed long. ” This is something that happened 40 years ago, we can not relaunch this case every time, ” she said.
Laurence Rossignol, considered that this appointment participated in the ” culture of the rape in which we evolve ” . To date, tens of thousands of Internet users are demanding the dismissal of Roman Polanski, but the director has nevertheless received the support of several figures of French cinema, like producers Alain Terzian and Vincent Maraval.