Ron Johnson unveils new details on Star Wars

Cinema 20 July, 2017

Few details were revealed on Star Wars The Last Jedi, but director Rian Johnson has nevertheless given new information on the famous “Opening Crawl”.

Hard to keep silent when the whole world keeps asking you questions! The Next Star Wars aka Star Wars The Last Jedi will be released at the end of the year and we still know very little about what awaits us in the new chapter of the saga. A first enigmatic trailer was unveiled a few months ago and images of the filming of Star Wars The Last Jedi arrived to us thanks to the D23 which took place this weekend, but as a rule the team of the Film keeps silent about the plot. WHY ? Because Disney / Lucasfilm want to keep the surprise and make sure that you are really transported next December.

But we have already waited 2 years between Star Wars The Reveil of the Force and Star Wars The last Jedi (we do not count Rogue One who brought us back), so we deserve a small reward not? Yes, and Rian Johnson thinks it too since he gave us A WORD THAT WILL BE IN THE GENERIC OF BEGINNING! The famous, unavoidable, opening Crawl as our American friends say. Then you are ready for THE REVELATION … The famous word is “Decimated” aka in French version “décimé (e)”. We are obviously in full reflection session: what is decimated? The First Order? The Jedi? Bets are launched!