Roseanne : forfeiture and cancellation of the most important american series after a racist tweet

Cinema 30 May, 2018






The american series at the head of the hearings has just been beheaded following an output a racist of his showrunneuse and main interpreter.



Roseanne is not a phenomenon among us, but was imposed across the Atlantic as a form of standard, humorous, social, and political. Started in 1988, the series was then perceived as the landing in the heart of the tv in north america-issues and new. We followed the family Conner, a household worker who was doing his possible to subsist on themes as invisibilisés as poverty, alcoholism or the disregard of class.


A come-back win…


Aired nine seasons during, Roseanne was considered a sitcom particularly progressive. The broadcast of its tenth season in 2018 has generated a considerable audience, making the show the biggest audience success of ABC.

But Roseanne has changed. The performer and producer Roseanne Barr has publicly explained on numerous occasions. The artist is now driving for Donald Trump and wants to give to know the daily life, but also the feel of this part of the population who voted for the current u.s. president.


… or not



ABC owned by Disney, not necessarily a bastion trumpien, the relationships tend, but the hearings for the wonderful show protect… Until the main interested publishes a tweet blatantly racist. Describing a former advisor of Barack Obama as the offspring “of the Muslim brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes “, Roseanne Barr caused an immense wave of anger on the networks.

A few hours later, ABC, through its President, as these about the “repugnant and at odds with the values” of the chain, before the official cancellation of the series, despite the order already made an eleventh season.



The ultimate episode of this return to grace followed by a fall unlikely, unexpected, and distressing : the ultimate statements of Roseanne Barr, which makes mine want to take her behavior… While accusing a sleeping pills to have hurt his cognitive abilities.

“I’ve done something unforgivable, then do I not defend. It was two o’clock in the morning, I tweetais under Ambien (a sleeping pill) – it was Memorial Day – I went too far and I do not wish to be defended. It was terribly indefensible. I made a mistake that I regret but… don’t take defense, please. “

“Don’t be sad for me guys ! I just want to ask forgiveness to hundreds of people and wonderful authors (all of left) and to the talented actors who have lost their job because of my tweet stupid. “

Now only remains to know how the audience is going to welcome the new.


Bye-bye, Conner & Co !