Roselyne Bachelot: “I enjoy every moment as if it were the last”

Entertainment 14 November, 2016

The columnist said he is lucid …
His conversion to the world of television was strongly criticized, though the former Minister of Health and Sports Roselyne Bachelot never both scope since it abandoned its political commitment. At 69, that that was rediscovered in the show Le Grand 8 (and who joined Actuality on France 2 ) has just released a book titled Of my age, everything starts at 60 .
Questioned by our colleagues Morning Nice Saturday, November 12, Roselyne Bachelot confirmed actually be ” well in his age .” ” I am indeed very proud of my age. I’m 70 years old on December 24 at midnight! It already presaged an exceptional destiny! (…) Me, I’m an old lady and I claim. We a great opportunity today to age in quantity but also in quality. in our world so pessimistic, there still has great opportunities to celebrate , “said she said.
The dynamic sexagenarian has also assured it is never free until the age of 60 years. ” We have time to look after yourself, get a haircut, buy clothes, medicines, rest, holidays, meet … ” Has she said mischievously.
Finally, in a much less lighter note, Roselyne Bachelot also mentioned that feeling of being increasingly closer to the end. ” The dialogue with his own mortality depends on each This is a personal journey throughout his life Personally, I have not waited 70 years to think about death.. I lead my life and I enjoy lucid each moment as if it were the last , “she confessed.
Although my age, everything starts at 60 (Flammarion) of Roselyne Bachelot. A book already in print.