Rumours, jealousy, desire for children … Alizee Grégoire Lyonnet and put things straight

Entertainment 30 November, 2016

Married since June Alizee and Gregory will gather on December 3 on the parquet Dancing with the Stars .

gre-goire-alize-eOn Saturday 3 December in the evening, they will live on TF1 for a choreography to three with Camille Lou, Grégoire Lyonnet partner in Dancing with the Stars . Six months after his marriage in Corsica , the couple said in Gala and puts them straight.

The meeting
Gregory : ” Alizée two years older than me. When I was thirteen or fourteen, and I saw it on TV, I thought it was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was ahead of all others. ”
Alizee :” In addition, he had a girlfriend who looked like me! ”
G :” Warning, I’ll move to a strange guy … But it is true that I was interested in a college girl next because of the resemblance. I was not a fan of Alizee, I found just the beautiful singer. and once in Dancing with the stars , I secretly hoped that Alizée is involved. four seasons later, it happened. ”
A baby soon
Alizee : ” Yes, of course, is the next step after marriage. You just found the right time.
Gregory : I really wanted to have a boy before knowing Annily, daughter Alizee. She’s so nice, gentle, calm … and very affectionate with me who am but her stepfather. So, boy or girl, whatever! ”
A. :” I also look forward because I was only twenty years old when my daughter was born I’m thirty-two, and I will live this event very differently. . ”
G : ” in addition, Annily will be there to help us, like a real big sister, we really feel that it is in demand! “.
Rumors about their relationship
Alizee : ” Fortunately, we live in Ajaccio, away from all this when I started singing, there are seventeen, there was no social networks, hawking. gossip twenty-four hours twenty-four, a quasi vomitory way. My daughter, who necessarily still has his phone in hand, sometimes wonder why people are so bad, why they tell so much nonsense … ”
The tweet of discord
Alizee : ” People who know me know that I never make negative comments about anyone. I just wanted to say I was delighted to see my husband Gregory fly like an eagle on TF1, alone or with Camille Lou! Just wanted to say that it was in its place among the best, nothing else. “