Ryan Reynolds – Blake Lively is vital: “It keeps me from getting crazy”

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

The actor of 40 years confides in his beautiful year 2016 and reveals that he owes much to his divine companion.

2016 would be a wonderful year for Ryan Reynolds . Pro side, it will have been a global success with Deadpool – which is, incidentally, the most downloaded movie of 2016 – to the point that it is the first actor to have embodied a superhero to be nominated for this role At the Golden Globes. He also turned interesting projects (such as Life , with Jake Gyllenhaal ). Private side his wife Blake Lively and became her parents of a second baby girl .
In a lengthy portrait to Variety , Canadian actor says resurgent suffer anguish. ” I have three older brothers. Our father was hard. It was not easy for anyone. And it was not easy for himself , he says . I think my anxiety comes from there, to try to find ways to control others trying to control myself . at the time, I would not have known. I was just a nervous boy. ”

Over time, the maturity, paternity and love of his wife, Ryan Reynolds has managed to overcome his anxieties and manage them. Blake Lively has a lot in this well-being and balance. It was he a great help when it was a new and outstanding success with Deadpool . ” Expectations were eating me , says actor and producer. Blake got me through this. I’m lucky to have him near me, it keeps me from going crazy. ”
And it is with this support that he is preparing to plunge back into the superhero’s costume. A second phase is underway, with David Leitch (the director of John Wick ) at the helm. ” I ‘ love ais play Deadpool as long as they let me play Deadpool . We have stories sketches for a number of different films ,” he told Reynolds to Variety , while the rumor that the anti-hero To the red and black costume could recross the path of Wolverine.
January 04, 2017 – 22:34