Ryan Reynolds: The day he knew that Blake Lively is the woman of his life

Entertainment 15 November, 2016

Dad filled two children, who plays Deadpool talks about her ideal family and her relationship with Blake Lively.

blake-lively-enceinte-et-son-mari-ryan-jpgQuoted by GQ as one of the men of the year, Ryan Reynolds has offered a very elegant cover with the men’s magazine. Canadian actor who has had professional success with Deadpool , but also the happiness of fatherhood for the second time with the birth of a second child (a girl, if one believes his recent blunder ), also answered issues of the magazine, is pouring out on his love life with Blake Lively .
He has recounted the moment he realized that the beautiful of Gossip Girl was his sweetheart. ” Probably after sex , was it fun. No, we went out in a small restaurant in Tribeca that really opens later, and this song came up and I was like: ‘do you want to dance?’ Nobody was there, it was empty in the street. There’s just had one of those moments when half of the dance, you’re like, ‘Oh, I think I crossed the line.’ After that, I went home. And, you know, I do not think I need to go into details about what happened after that. ”
The actor Deadpool has also entrusted his family. ” I’m about to really have a typical American family. I mean, I always imagined that it could happen, and then it happened. Each of these idiots like Hallmark clichés are true ,” admits the actor who also echoed his own childhood and especially his relationship with his father, a stranger to him, citing in particular ” a hard passage of ten years .” ” In my first memories of him, my father was the archetype of the hard type. But that was just one facet. The hardest thing for me is that it has always cultivated the mystery. I just feel . never having had a conversation with him “He continues, emotionally,” Actually, I had that kind of epic moment that only happens in the movies, where I have seen that before it die and I closed the loop as much as I could. “