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Entertainment 25 January, 2018

Wedding anniversary

Melania Trump has not recurred since 12 December. The first Lady has cancelled his trip to the economic forum of the social and Davos at the side of her husband. The presidential couple has not mentioned his wedding anniversary on the social networks, Monday, 22 January, as Obama had the habit of doing it.

Thirteen years Melania Trump became the spouse of the billionaire, and now president of the United States, Donald Trump. However, the presidential couple has not communicated on this wedding anniversary. No picture or message has been posted on the social networks, in contrast to the couple Obama, who was in the habit of sharing, with tenderness, his love on the canvas.

The last appearance of Melania Trump dates back to 12 December. It has disappeared from the radars since the Wall Street Journal has revealed that her husband had had relations with an actress of pornographic films in 2006, a year after his marriage with the dummy slovenian. The silence of the u.s. first lady and his absence from the side of her husband at the economic Forum of the social and Davos is very much a result of this case.

The 20 last January, Melania Trump has published a tweet to celebrate the anniversary of the election of her husband. But, in her message, she did not mention the president of the United States : it evokes just what she experienced during that first year. The text was accompanied by a photo of her in the arms of the military during the inauguration of her husband. Once again, no reference to Donald Trump. However, Donald and Melania Trump seemed to be reconciled at the time of the feasts. While we have seen several times Melania Trump refuse to hold the hand of her husband, their fingers entwined as they have unveiled the official photo of Christmas.

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Melania Trump

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